Thursday, January 13, 2011

Triple Gem

The Triple Gem in Buddhism means Buddha, Dharma (the teaching of budddha) and Sangha (the community). These three are called triple gem because these are really precious and treasurable as the expensive pearl or gems. Buddha the awakened one who showed the right path to reach the state of being released from sorrow. Dharma is the teachings taught by Lord Buddha which is the path to the  end of suffering. Sangha is the community which preserves dharma and flows to others and to the next generation. And they themselves practice meditation and the Noble eightfold path. Taking refuge in the triple gem has been the commitment to being on the Buddhist path. If we observe in any Buddhist temple or shrine people bow in front of Buddha's statue three time in the name of these three gems. Buddhism will exist till these triple gems will be respected by Buddhist followers from all over the world.

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