Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Meditation is very important activity in Buddhism. There are many types of meditation developed in different religions. In  Buddhism,the person who wants to practise  meditation sits in a silent place  in comfortable position. Then he closes his eyes and puts his hands together touching the thumb fingers of both hands. Then after he starts to observe his breathing process. When he inhales the breathe the fresh air enters from his nose and travels in his body and when he exhales, the warm air passes from his nose. In this way one can concentrate on his body and can control his mind through meditation. Meditation is not only religious practise but it can also help for people who wants to relief from stress and busy life. Meditation contributes peace of mind and body. Meditation is the main weapon used by Buddha to control his mind and he teaches us to follow the same way if we want to get out of the circle of sorrow. There are many religions in this world but the main purpose of any religion is to establish peace and happiness of everyone. So meditation can be taken in the form of medicine to the people who are sick of the voilence and war.

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  1. Then move up the body slowly, left ankle, knee, thigh and so on. When reaching your head, you then do the same in reverse on the other side of the body: right shoulder, right elbow, right hand and so on.

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