Thursday, January 13, 2011

The cause of suffering

  People involve them selves in religious work to get rid of sufferings. In this world, we have to face different problems or sufferings. Suffering simply means dukkha. We all are in search of a path that leads to the cessation of suffering. Everything arises dependent on conditions. Everything in this world has its cause. Lord Buddha after his enlightenment, discovered that the cause of suffering is craving. It covers all forms of desire. Where there is attachment there is suffering. If one eliminates attachment, one is sure to get rid of dukkha, i.e. suffering. Desire is endless so we gather more and more. When we have more we become filled with tension, a distress and protect our possessions selfishly. If mental and physical processes are rightly understood, that right understanding will do away with ignorance. When we are free of ignorance then there will not be any false view of a soul, an abiding self, a personally or a view of the beings as fixed. When these false views have been destroyed there will not arise any more suffering.

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