Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pancha Shila

Pancha Shila is five moral precepts in Buddhism. In pali language (the language which was used by Buddha or at the time of Buddha) PANCHA means five and SHILA means rules or moral precepts. It refer to 1. Avoid killing or harming any living beings, 2. Avoid stealing or taking anything which doesnot belongs to you, 3. Avoid sexual irresponsibility (raping),4.Avoid lying or saying which is not true, 5. Avoid alcohol or drugs which causes unconsciousness. There are the main rules which should be followed by any Buddhist or who wants peace and happiness in his life. As these are the main causes of  violence on the earth. If all the human being starts to obey these rules then there will be a very beautiful world with peace. In any religious view killing living beings is not recommended but these days there are many people who kill many innocents in the name of their religion. It only leads to the violence.

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