Thursday, January 13, 2011

The noble eightfold path

The Noble eightfold path describes the way to end the suffering. It is the practical way to release one from attachments which leads to sorrow. It is also known as the middle way or the right path. Because it is practiced to straighten one's view of living in the right way as a human being. 
The Noble eightfold path are as follows:
1.Right View
  It means to see and understand the things as they really are or to understand the noble four truth.
2.Right Intention
  It means the right attitude or the mental power to control our actions. 
3.Right Speech
  It means to control our speech which should be benificial for others and should not hurt anyone.
4.Right Action
  It means to do the right actions or to control our actions from harming others. 
5.Right Livelihood
  It means one should earn in the righteous way or should not involve in illegal activity.
6.Right Effort
  It means one should use his effort on welfare of human beings or should not be using his effort to harm anyone.
7.Right Mindfulness
  It means to control the mind in the way that it is always clearly conscious.
8.Right Concentration
  It means to concentrate on meditation to obtain the peace of mind.

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