Thursday, January 13, 2011


Buddha was the founder of Buddhism. BUDDHA in pali language ( the language used at the Buddha's time) means the awakened one or it refers to the person who is released from the cycle of suffering life. Buddha was named as Shiddhartha when he was born in about 500BC. He was the prince of Shakyamuni royal family in Kapilbastu (a place presently located in Nepal). His father wanted him to become the emperor so he provided him all the facilities and never let him feel any kind of sorrow. He married to a beautiful princess Yasodhara and after few years she gave birth to his son Rahul. But even after having fulfilled all the things in his palace and living in a heavenly place Shiddartha found out that the existence of suffering. He wanted to make human being relief from suffering so he left his palace and his beloved wife and son in search of peace and the end of suffering. In this way he traveled to many places and he learned with some teachers to get the solution of this suffering life circle but he didn't find any satisfying answer. So he himself meditated for six years without eating and drinking but in this way he felt down from the sickness. Then he considered to take the right way to find the solution which was the middle way which could lead to the right place. Like this he became Buddha (the awakened one).

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