Thursday, January 13, 2011

Annica ( Impermanence)

Annica or Impermanence is one of the important doctrine in Buddhism. This term expresses that all the conditioned existence is not permanent or is in a constant state of flux. Everything that appears has to disappear and will not be everlasting. If we take an example of a plant, it starts from the seed it grows to the plant and then develops flowers or foods in it, then it gets old and starts to dry and dies. Everything in this planet or in the whole universe or the place we call world is just for some temporary time. Some last for short and some last for long but everything has to disappear at the end and nothing is permanent. Not only the things or materials, every single thing that exist will  collapse one day. Like there is always uneven string of good times and bad times in life. There is not a single thing that we can say is permanent. Even the giant mountains and oceans change. Some lands form and some lands collapse. These cycles will continue because we are living in an impermanent world.

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