Thursday, January 13, 2011

Maitri (Kindness)

 What ever we gain in our life can never bring lasting happiness and peace. If we wish to give something to someone, it is necessary to have that something which we wish to give, with us, then only it is possible for us to give. And for this spirit we must have a kind heart. Peace must first be established in the person's own heart before she/he can bring peace to other and to the world. One must practice himself or herself the principle of non-violence and she/he must even be ready to overcome selfishness which often arises in the conventional self. We think that if we can fight with the physical body that this constitutes courage or bravery, but it is no effective weapon to fight against the evil which is inside us. One should learn to practice selfless love to maintain real peace and gain one's own salvation. Spiritual progress based on loving kindness is neither emotional or selfish loving kindness but it is that which radiates through the purified mind after eradicating hatred, jealousy, cruelty, and grudges. Loving- kindness is the most effective method to maintain purity of mind and to purify the mentally polluted atmosphere.

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