Thursday, January 13, 2011

Parami (perfection)

   In Buddhism, Parami means perfection or completness of certain virtues which cultivate a way of purification while reaching a goal of enlightenment. A person who wants to become Buddha should have complete these ten perfection known as dasa parami. These are as follows:
1.Dana parami: generosity, giving of oneself.
2.Sila parami: virtue, morality.
3.Nekkhamma parami: renunciation.
4.Panha parami: wisdom, insight.
5.Viriya parami: effort, diligence.
6.Khanti parami: patience, tolerance.
7.Sacca parami: truthfulness, honesty.
8.Adhitthana parami: determination, resolution.
9.Metta parami: loving, kindness.
10.Upekkha parami: eauanimity, serenity.
   These ten pefections make a man purify his mind and helps to find the end of suffering. It makes mind free from clinging and cravings. These are not easy things to practice for anyone. So the main thing is to control mind to do these things. Every Buddha were completely perfect with these paramis and they guided others to walk in the same way to find the enlightenment.


  1. Dear overseas Dhamma brothers and sisters,

    Subject : An earnest prayer for Financial Support for construction of Shanti Niketan Bouddha Vihara at Tuichawng Village, Lunglei District, Mizoram, India.

    In inviting the subject cited above, I, on behalf of the Buddhist Community of Tuichawng in the remote north-east state of Mizoram, India, would like to introduce to you the Shanti Niketan Bouddha Vihara, it was established in the year 1968 by a local Managing Committee with a very temporary structure.

    The village Tuichawng is located in south west corner of Mizoram India near Indo-Bangladesh Border. Most of the villagers are CHAKMA in tribe and BUDDHIST by religion. About 480 families live at Tuichawng and surrounding villages. The total population is around 3500 who live on shifting cultivation. Due to inavailability of fertile land in the locality, they can not produce enough crops for their livelihood.

    For those of you who have been to India, you probably seen many cases of poverty and in the north-east state of Mizoram, conditions are similiar, if not worse. So, they live a miserable life just hand to mouth. Being poor, our people can not contribute fund to develop the Buddhist monastery.

    During last twenty five years, it was anyhow constructed with sown timber structure with GCI sheet roofing in 1996. Now it has become very old. The villagers are trying to re-build it with concrete structure. An small amount has already been gathered which is not enough. It has become very difficult to gather more fund.

    Therefore, I on behalf of the helpless Buddhist Community of this village would like to request your generous end to have a look into the matter sympathically to provide us financial support for the construction of Shanti Niketan Bouddha Vihara of this village. For which the act of your kindness, I shall remain ever grateful.

    With a lot of Metta and regards,

    Yours in Dhamma,

    Shanti Niketan Bouddha Vihara, Tuichawng, Mizoram:India.
    Please see this blog:

    Savve Satta Sukita Hontu.